Primiti let you create in no time – only a few hours – your boutique online.

What does Primiti offer?

Note that Primiti is available in two modes:


Your members and products are part of the Primiti Network


You manage your own members and products

No need to install a software or a server

Primiti is hosted and controlled by our team. You do not have to worry about servers, the FTP, backups, viruses and the bandwidth. We manage everything for you.

Domain Name

Link the domain name you want to your Primiti website (.com, .net, .biz, .ws, etc.)

Primiti includes a free domain name that you choose. You can also choose a domain name that you already own. It is also possible to associate a subdomain of your domain name that you have to your Primiti. Note that for the free version, your only have a subdomain.

Publicity campaigns

Everyone who has a Primiti web boutique have two free publicity campaigns on the Primiti webmaster exchange network. One does not have to pub ads on his or her website. The free publicity campaigns are delivered as long as the client pays his or her Primiti Boutique. They are displayed in rotation with all the other Primiti ads. The more ads you have, the more they will be displayed.

Standard Hosting

Primiti offers a standard webhosting to host your files. You can have hosted all sorts of files, such as pictures, videos, or websites. As soon as you upload a file called “index.html”, it will become your home page. You can upload your files with our webtools or by FTP. We offer you a powerful WYSIWIG web editor to create your webpages.

Hidden Files Hosting

You can have hosted files that your members will be allowed to download files which addresses are hidden. This system is perfect if you do not want your members to give the link to download the file to other people. It will let you sell files such as e-books or softwares.

Automatic creation and management of the members

The Internet users may easily become members of your website. The member creation is made simply with the preconfigured inscription form. You can add or remove questions with the Primiti Management System. The more members you have, the best chances of success you have. Your members will log in to receive news, special offers, to see their profits or to check if they have new members.

Your member’s name is the subdomain name.

Your members automatically get a subdomain personalized with their username. For instance, if the member’s username is “Chuck”, and that your domain name is, the URL address will be He or she will be able to promote your products and services with this address.

Personalization of your member’s website

You have various pieces of information on each of your members (name, last name, addresses, etc.). You can use them on the website and on your member’s management system with our dynamic variables system. For instance, you can display “Hello Chuck” when your member, which name is Chuck, logs in. You could also display “Welcome to Chuck’s Website” when web users visit Chuck’s website ( You can collect more pieces of information about your members, such as an affiliation number.

Creation and prospect management

You can register prospects and send them mailings with the automatic prospect answering machine. As soon as your prospects become members, they will be deleted of the prospect list and will be added to the members list. The prospect creation is made with the Prospect registration form. You can add or remove questions from this form with your Primiti Control Panel.

Importing pages with personalized designs

You can import a member’s design or web pages as long as he or she is a Primiti member. You can also give some exclusive importation rights to some Primiti members. You can also sell those rights!

Personalized Design

Header, footer, sides, language flags, News categories, menu styles, colours, etc. The personalized design is the one you and your members have on their websites. When you change a part of the design, it will also affect your members.

Dynamic Web Pages

This tool lets you quickly create web pages on your online boutique. You can use the personalized design or not. You pages may be accessible only to some people with specific roles or statuses. You can personalize these pages with information related to your members, with the dynamic variable system.

Automatic Menus

You can create menus with various hierarchies. You may integrate your own menus and/or the ones available on Primiti. You may choose to display your menus to connected people or non connected people. It can also depend on the member’s status/role.

Language Flags System

You can add translations to your Web pages, menus, and design. As soon as a person clicks on a flag, the whole website will be completely translated to that person. Our team already translated for you many pages and options, others will be added each week.

Position/type System

You can configure a series of positions and types for your members. These people receive their position if they collect a certain amount of points. According to their position, the members get a different percentage on profits, or they can access or download different files.

Banner Management System

You can offer your members various banners to advertize your concept. You can integrate the dynamic variable concept to your texts and images.

Create your boutique with your products

You can easily integrate your products to your boutique and sort them per category. You can choose your featured products that will be on your homepage.

Cart System with different payment methods

The Web users can cumulate products that they want to buy in your boutique with a virtual cart. Then, they can pay with a configured payment method, such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Allopass, Western Union, cheque, postal order or wire transfer. Our system manages the transaction with PayPal, Moneybookers and Allopass. You have nothing to set up, everything is automatic.

Commission System

Your members can sell your products and receive commissions for their sales. You can also give commissions on one or many levels. The commissions are deposited in the member’s account after the expiration of the guarantee that you established. The profits are given to the respective people according to the percentages and the positions that you previously set.

Point system with expiration date on purchases

When you create a product, you can set a quantity of points to be distributed to the person who buys it. You can also set a quantity of days as an expiration date for these points. The buyer will loose his or her points, his or her commission level, as well as his or her position.

Answering machine and mailing system

You can communicate with your members and/or prospects with our mailing system. You can automatize the process with the answering machine. The system will filter the emails to get rid of the spam. You can know how many people read your emails and click on your links. The mailing system works with dynamic variables associated to the members.

Primiti is a powerful tool that will develop your web site and that will let you make a huge amount of money. Do not wait for others!